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“The Boss Standard” is the industry standard for medical cannabis dispensaries and includes a proven system of oversight and regulation based on best practice, safety, and accountability. “The Boss Standard” raises the bar high for start-up dispensaries and includes a successful blueprint for business implementation and development. The Boss team has the ability to perform high end management and core building to create the most efficient operational procedures.This includes marketing strategies, political outreach and lobbying, web design, branding, cultivation, community outreach and generating the largest patient base possible. Through the implementation of these policies your investment will yield the most valuable returns.

As one of the pioneers in the industry we have a proven track record dating back to 1996. Mr. Nolin has been in the industry for more than 20 years establishing the best practices available through learning from hands on experience in this industry. we have jumped over many hurdles, and due to those obstructions we have identified the pros and cons to develop the best oversight for operating and running a successful cannabis business. Let us show you how to overcome the problems that occur which can delay your start up time, while limiting carrying costs so that you can be up and running in the least amount of time. We have a team of brokers whom are always searching for new opportunities in which we can take their turn key operation to new levels at an accellerated pace.


Boss Enterprises is a full-service management and consulting firm for the medical cannabis community. With a dedicated team of industry leaders and social entrepreneurs, Boss Enterprises seeks to promote safe and affordable access for patients across the United States. The Boss Team specializes in issues of dispensary management, cultivation, local regulations, government relations, product development, community outreach and social media.



Boss has been working as the lead consultant for numerous different companies and agencies to provide the most up to date information so that the clients can agree to make the most educated decisions.Boss has worked with advocates, politicians and operators to help write legislation in over 23 states. We have worked collectively with MPP, ASA, SSDP, NCIA to help redifine the legitimacy and professionalism for the medical cannabis industry. Boss has also been working in other states that have now gone to recreational use as well.While being an activist since 1996 we have extreme knowledge and experience in operations of cultivations, dispensaries, politics and charities to better all of our clients businesses.


Our Market Strategy is similar to Ritz Carlton Hotels in which the ritz doesn’t own any of the properties though manage the properties with expertise and precision. You expect a certain level of excellence at every one you visit.Just as the Boss team does for its clients whom are interested in nothing less than the best for the industry.The team has years of experience and has learned a tremendous amount of knowledge through the trials and tribulations of being a forefather of this amazing industry.


Through the history of the cannabis industry we have been able to establish political, local outreach for the communities in which we exist as well as charitable organizations and the patients who are in need of safe affordable access. By having this network we have been able to evaluate the best advertising and execution of professionalism for the success of all. We offer the HR side for hiring, POS systems that are bar none to any others, healthcare, generous wages, how to identify locations as well as use the best tax attorneys in the industry. By utilizing all of the above we look forward to creating opportunities that will far exceed anyones expectations.

“Life does not consist of thinking, It consist of Acting.”

-Woodrow Wilson
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