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Boss Enterprises was founded in 2009 and is the leading cannabis management consulting firm in the United States. Our vast knowledge and experienced team leadership has helped hundreds of successful businesses achieve the next level in their respective industries.
For a more complete idea of our mission, please read about the Boss Vision. All of our clients meet strict guidelines and regulations satisfying the requirements for meeting the Boss Standard.
Read about the Boss Services we offer. Read about our team, below, plus nonprofit directives to provide education and outreach projects for patients and community members.

Since 1996 Mr. Nolin has been an informed diplomat and delegate for the reform of medicinal cannabis laws. He has worked with and had discussions with Thomas P. O’Neill III and Associates , Senator George James Mitchell in Maine, Al Komjathy and associates in New Jersey, the Marijuana Policy Project, Americans for Safe Access and many others to help implement the most responsible legislation for access to cannabis.

Political Fund Raising

Crafting Cannabis Legislation

Since the begining in Oaksterdam, Mr. Nolin has worked in the political arena to work with the cities and counties to establish a working platform of legislation to provide medicine to the patients in need. We feel this has been a huge success considering where the industry is now. I would like to thank all of our political allies for their diligent support and ability to work together for the compassionate cause.

Reducing Seizures with High CBD's

I first met The Hemple family in 2009. Medical cannabis use helped drastically reduce their daughters seizures.
They are a perfect example of how medical cannabis with a low THC and high CBD has helped to give them a better quality of life. In these cases there is no psychoactive effect only a medicinal avenue to help to reduce seizures. They have been diligent in educating the medical cannabis industry on how others can be informed on how to help their children as well. I would strongly suggest anyone to help contribute to the Hemples non-profit organization to continue their remarkable efforts in providing care to children in need.

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