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Boss Enterprises has managed and overseen daily operations at one of the longest running dispensaries in the nation. Only surpassed by one other that had only opened less than a year before. Since CA Bill SV-420 passed in 1996, Boss has blazed a path to become one of California”s most successful cannabis operators in California’s history. Boss has refined the process of engaging in and consulting for the other markets that get the option of being for profit including , producing seminars, webinars, job fairs, tours of dispensaries and cultivation sites. Boss has instructional DVD’s, seminars and a training series that can educate and train people for every position in the dispensing chain from seed to sale. Learn from over 20 years of experience and operation in some of what was once the most hostile, though legal landscapes in America to the now Cannabis friendly cities, counties and states.

1st Place Winner of trophy after trophy for outstanding Cultivation efforts. You can see how today’s Professional grow operations work. From Cutting edge technology to Master grower’s tips and techniques, Boss covers it all.
Now with “in-house” studio, 4K HD cameras, state of the art edit bays, and experienced Production staff.
Boss Enterprises can offer all our clients unparalleled Marketing strategies. From websites to having events to promote and market your brands. Through Boss’s extensive network, we have the ability to do a rifle technique to those who would have the most value attending and lists of distributors to show how these products can be sold at their locations. We can hire the best representatives to go into the market place to establish purchase orders. Boss can also provide the knowledge of how to keep up with the demand with precise consistency of the product.

Rise above the rest by consulting with the best

Its Award winning Master Cultivators

Boss has worked with over 3000 cultivators through establishing a network of purchase managers that have solidified relationships with the cultivators that produce for numerous dispensaries. This network creates the opportunity of learning all of the newest techniques from lighting, strains, nutrients and growing mediums from indoor to outdoor, small to large. This gives the Boss client the most efficient cultivations with the best results.By working with the dispensary outlets and cultivators alike it has created the optimum advantage for its clients.We will be looking forward to your team winning awards and being accredited for the best of the best!

Launch your Products at the busiest dispensaries and trade shows in America! Consultations are available for every stage. Design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and growth. Work with one of the most experienced development teams in the cannabis industry. Boss has worked with more brands and elevated them to the highest level of success imaginable. Names like bhang chocolates, doob tubes and many more have hit record sales and margins in their product lines. California currently is a not for excessive profit state though these companies have gone nationwide and with legislation on the ballot for 2016 all 23 states will then be on the same level playing field. Remember that you are not allowed to cross state lines which is interstate commerce. The solution is to create the branding and be able to open in each state where you only manufacture for those states. Boss will help to achieve those goals.
With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of a successful cannabis operation Boss can develop everything from event production, booth design, video loops, professional product photography, web design and social networking. Boss is your one stop shop for image consultations.

Launch your Product, Brand, or Event.



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