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Investor Opportunities

Investor Opportunities.
Whether you’re interested in a large industrial Grow, a chain of Dispensaries, Concentrate/ edibles manufacture, or a completely new product, Boss Enterprises can take you through the process step by step. We troubleshoot problems BEFORE they come up.

Dispensary and Grow Design

Dispensary and Grow Design.
Our 3D Cad drawings help you design out your space in a virtual world first, so you get the most out of your space and buy only the amount of lights you will actually need. We also specialize in Interior Design ideas to maximize the flow through your new dispensary.

Master Cultivators

Master Cultivators.
Our Growers are scientists in the study of cannabis cultivation. They have grown over 75 strains in every imaginable condition from large scale outdoor to industrial scale indoor. Our experienced growers can start your crop off right, or just teach you how to do it yourself. They also make troubleshooting calls to your garden when emergencies occur.

These are just some of the Services Boss Enterprises Provide to our Clients. You also get tech support calls and can have our emergency technicians fly out at a moments notice!

Safety and Compliance

Safety and Compliance.
Boss does safety and compliance check lists with clients to ensure they meet all safety, security, and rule requirements before an actual inspection by compliance officers so you can rest assured that you have met all that is required by law.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy.
Boss Enterprises teach you the techniques to rise above your competitors on a local and national level. Use time proven techniques to get the most out of your marketing dollars. Everything from Merchandise development to Viral Videos is discussed and dissected.

Government Relations

Government Relations.
Establishing positive working relationships with the government and community is essential in a successful business model. We are experts in this field and tell you how your team can get ahead where others may fail.

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